Sikka Band Song Review- An unusual but appealing experiment with visual storytelling

When we talk about any cinematic piece, be it a feature film or a video song it is quite common to imagine that color-dependent narration where vivid cinematography plays a crucial role.

In general, though we expect a vibrant video to take us to that imaginary world there are many exemptions to this predetermined formula.

Talking about the song Sikka band, this unusual yet appealing treatment is one of the major factors that keep you hooked not only to the music but the video also.

Set in the background of the native Punjab countryside, the song effectively portrays two parallel emotions namely love and fight. One beautiful element of the video is the smooth transitioning of the protagonist from an angry young man to a guy in love. It emphasizes how we go through different sets of emotions around different people.

The video has been directed by none other than Arsh Wander, who has incredible skills and always brings up something unique and appealing in the monotonous art world around. Sikka Band is a daring experiment that falls on the acceptability side with its various intriguing elements.

Discussing the bold lyrics, Gill Raunta has again made a solid impression. Adding up the layers of composition and singing, Jagg Sidhu has made sure that the song is gonna be part of every celebration in mainland Punjab.

Another highlighting person that deserves a round of applause is none other than the lead actress Jessica Chaudhary. Not only she has impressed with her beauty and acting in such small screen time, but she has also produced this song herself under the label New Time Records and is 4th in the row under the same label.

To conclude, it can be said that this music video is a true example of beautiful abstract art. Bringing in such innovations in the Punjabi entertainment industry helps to explore the true potential and creates positive competitiveness that will eventually usher in more new possibilities. Producer Jessica Chaudhary has done a commendable job and is truly realizing her idea of bringing something refreshing to the audience with her sheer conviction.

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