A Sneak Peak into hosting the Punjabi Music Industry Legend Babbu Maan Show

One can truly contain the happiness within while having the surreal experience of sharing the stage with personalities you look up to. This writing piece is all about that!

At such a young age Jessica Chaudhary has been living her dream moments through her sheer determination to work hard and excel in the Punjabi Music industry. She has left no stone unturned and has been wholeheartedly working to excel in her creative touch.

Jessica Chaudhary recently hosted a show of Babbu Mann’s tour in Atlanta, Georgia as a part of his US tour. The night can be summed up as an extravaganza with the audience going down the nostalgia lane. The sensational hits of Babbu Maan live undoubtedly stole the show but Jessica’s charm that kept the audience hooked to their seats during the whole show also needs to be given due credit.

Upon being asked about the experience, Jessica mentioned how she grew up listening to the Punjabi music legend and she feels really blessed to get this opportunity to host his show. This is just a milestone in her quest to become a better artist, connect with a larger audience, and inspire to empower women all around the globe.