A spectacular Diwali celebrations event with Jessica Chaudhary

Diwali is indeed one festival that every one of us looks to all year. There’s something different in the atmosphere, the feeling of joy, happiness, and celebration. Living in a foreign country makes the festival more special, making you feel closer to your cultural roots.

This Diwali, the Punjabi Society of Atlanta, Georgia organized a cultural event for celebrating the festival with all other natives. The event was a huge hit and why wouldn’t it have been as Jessica established herself as multitalented once again through her stage coordination skills.

With friends and families around, it was an event where the community members participated excitingly. Many showcased their hidden talents too and there were many incredible bhangra and Giddha performances by the little talents.

Being busy with other work schedules, Jessica didn’t want to miss the celebrations and wanted to make the show even more memorable. She played her role of stage coordinator wonderfully, making the show smooth and seamless. Upon being asked about her active participation, Jessica told that it is always exciting to be around your people and any splendid festival event is an opportunity to connect with native audiences.

Managing the performances at any event is not an easy task but Jessica made it look all easy. All in all, it was a moment to cherish love with friends and family around. The event turned into a grand show of cultural activities and celebrations of Diwali by the Punjabi community of Atlanta, bringing all the people together to share their joy.