An Event Worth Your Attention: In Conversation With The Host Jessica Chaudhary

Georgia, 10th June: A star-studded Pageant show was organized by the Platinum events group at The Legacy Theater in Alpharetta to highlight the remarkable achievements of women in different spheres of life. The event’s guest of honor was the beauty to behold our very own Miss Universe Harnaz Sandhu.

Joining along with the guest of honor, Miss Mexico and Dj Goddess amplified the event’s ambiance making it a memorable night. The event was organized with the aim to bring in diverse beauties with brains at a common platform to motivate and empower young girls.

Among all such stars around, one such talent that grabbed the attention of everyone’s eye was a young talented host of the show who has already set foot in the Punjabi entertainment industry as the next big thing- Jessica Chaudhary.

It is quite surprising to see that even at such a young age she has been prolifically showing her exceptional talent, with video songs, event hosting at such a young age, and being an entrepreneur herself. As the event’s aim itself was empowering girls around the globe, we got the chance to converse with Jessica, who has already been at the forefront of leading with the example.

  • How does it feel to share the stage with such iconic women personalities?

Jessica It feels amazing to share the stage with another successful woman who has brought India to such a high level after around the gap of 20 years. While I felt empowered but at same time was a bit nervous with such a renowned woman around me. It gave me much more confidence in the way she is so good at connecting with people and conveying her message.

  •  How was hosting this event different from the others you have hosted in the past?

Jessica-The event was lengthy and lasted for around 4 hours. As a host, I had the extended responsibility there, to make sure everything is organized backstage, make sure everything happens at the right moment, all the awards are distributed, and make sure all the people that helped us are recognized.

  • What was your experience with hosting this event?

Jessica– As I am a firm believer that learning never stops, my experience with this event was amazing and enlightening. Usually, I have hosted shows with not much crowd. This show had 50-60 contestants with a crowd of hundreds in the audience. You have to know who everyone is, you need to be updated with what’s going on at any given moment. It taught me a lot about quick and effective management at large gatherings.

  • Any hints about your upcoming work?

Jessica– Well, there’s a lot in the pipeline. As a video producer and an actor myself, I am currently exploring a lot of opportunities with a focus on providing something unique and qualitative to the audience. Parallelly, I am also open to hosting such events that keep alleviating my learning graph.

Closing: With such amazing personalities under the same roof, this event left its mark on the audience. Kudos to the host Jessica Chaudhary, who at such a young age managed the whole event efficiently around such stars. Definitely, with her charms and intellect, she is going to produce great wonders for the entertainment industry which we all eagerly look forward to.


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    Nice Work Jessica

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    Nice work

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