Changing landscapes of the Punjabi Entertainment industry in recent Decades

For ages, entertainment has been part of our daily lives. After all, it is the entertainment we crave to cherish and live the beautiful moments.

Regional entertainment too plays a crucial role in developing cultural harmony and even bringing progress to society through addressing existing issues.

The native land of Punjab going through different times has seen significant cultural shifts and a change in music genre too. Though folk music still holds the ground, the fusion of hip-hop, and rapping has ushered in new dynamics offering the audience a treat to hear something refreshing.

In recent years of digitization, the Punjabi entertainment industry has well adapted to the changing music and art demands in the digital market. Punjabi music competes at par with Bollywood, transcending regional barriers and outshining other regional music industries. Moreover, the popularity of the Punjabi industry, transcending country boundaries, reaches the Indian diaspora all over the world, especially in the UK, the US, and Canada.

The best part is that even if people don’t understand the lyrics they still vibe to the music with great enthusiasm.

To understand the gaining significance of the Punjabi entertainment industry, we can have a look at the various prominent platforms like youtube, Instagram reels, and music streaming platforms where Punjabi music has been favorite among peers. The vibrant colors, culture, and music of the Punjabi region have led to the industry making space in such a diverse country where cultures and languages change.

Talking about the faces, for decades Punjabi entertainment industry has been infusing an inseparable part of mainstream cinema and music. The industry compliments Bollywood in numerous ways and almost every movie has Punjabi songs in it, unlike other regional languages.

Over time, there have been many influences across the industry who have helped reshape the dynamics of the Punjabi entertainment industry. Let’s have a look at a few of those:

Honey Singh

Who can forget this name of course! Around 2012, Honey Singh became a household name with his revolution in the Punjabi entertainment industry. Not only did he change the conventional music methods, but he also brought a fresh appeal to visual stories too. Brown Rang took the popularity to another level and we all can agree that it has been part of our playlist. Honey Singh also helped truly open the gates of Punjabi music in contemporary Bollywood through his music’s magic. “Lungi dance” from Chennai Express, “Yaar Na Mile” from Kick and many more spread have been huge hits nationwide

Diljit Dosanjh

True to his name, Diljit Dosanjh has proven his talent in singing and acting. He has come a long way giving many chartbuster songs like 5 Taara, Lover, Proper Patola, and many more. Not just that, he is one of the favorites in the Bollywood industry too delivering many spectacular performances in different genres. In the recently released Jogi film, Diljit Dosanjh has been hailed by many critics across the globe for his realistic and gripping performance.

AP Dhillon

Talent and hard work pay off and AP Dhillon is a true example of that. Starting his career in 2019 with Fake and Faraar, he has never looked back in the time span of 4 years. Who can forget the vibing tunes of Brown Munde which has been a sensational hit not just in the country but around the world too. Other hits such as Insane, and Excuses have become indistinguishable parts of clubs, events, reels, and almost every celebratory occasion. Bringing in more fresh elements and creative elements, AP Dhillon is defining his own genre.

Future Ahead

Many new promising talents are being seen nowadays ensuring a smooth transition into the next generation of talents. One such face that has to be mentioned is Jessica Chaudhary. At such a young age, she has already proven at different platforms of her talent and zeal to take it to the next level. Not just with her acting skills in hit sensations like Asla vs Suit, Jhanjra, and Sikka Band, she has been a producer too of New Time Records music label.

Seeing such enthusiastic and hardworking artists makes us relieved that the Punjabi entertainment industry has a bright future ahead. It will be really exciting to see what new realms of opportunities, art, and music in the future these talents bring.