Music and the society- The Realm that Transcends space and time

Music can change the world- Ludwig Van Beethoven

Indeed these words by one of the greatest composers of all time find to be true in every sense. Across different cultures, nations, and regions far distant apart, we can find the commonality of music being a significant part of people’s lives.

Music is known as the universal language of humanity. It is through music we express our emotions truly that could spark emotions. It can improve our ability to sleep, focus at work or school, de-stress after a stressful day, lift our spirits when we’re down, and promote interpersonal interaction.

Having such a significant nature, it is intriguing to know how music plays a vital role in our society in many direct and indirect ways.

Universal Language

Our world encompasses a big diversity across the regions having unique languages of their own. But when it comes to music, it’s evident in today’s time that it transcends all boundaries and is accepted regardless of the language and culture that it originates from. Nowadays pop sensations, hip-hop artists, Punjabi music, indie music and classical find their audience in different corners of the world.

Prevalent for centuries

From the early primitive times when humans didn’t have much understanding about the world and had necessities restrained to food and shelter, music was there. In the ceremonial events of all the primitive cultures, there has been some form of music that was vital to lift the mood of joy and togetherness. Fast forward to today, music has only increased its value and has been an integral part of socio-cultural events.

Form of expression and entertainment

Think of any happy or sad moment you have been part of, now having the complimentary music around will surely boost the emotions in a particular way. That’s the magic of music. In today’s consumed life where people are drained of meeting their needs, music gives a sense of relaxation and entertainment. Also, various artists have used music as a form of expression too to address the shortcomings of society and the way ahead for a better future.

Boost Mental Strength

It is found that in many situations music can help in improving productivity. From companies having fun music sessions to gyms equipped with systems, music has proven to be of significant value in boosting mental strength and confidence. Even for a lot of people, it helps to partially get away from stress and anxiety, allowing us to deal better with the situations.

Represents Cultures and Communities

The world is amazingly diverse and music presents the opportunity to identify these communities with their uniqueness. From north to south and east to west as we travel, we find different instruments, and music forms part of that specific region. The regional songs and compositions are often made around the stories of their history. This gives a community a sense of pride thus creating an inspiring and inclusive environment.


Music is an indistinguishable part of the society keeping the fabrics of one world intact and together. It is a boon to society helping people in numerous ways including coping with stress, struggle, distraction, and pain. Music helps us in expressing and understanding emotions bringing in the needful elements of positivity and calmness.