A Promising Face Ushering New Era in Punjabi Entertainment Industry

Okay before starting, let me ask you one question? 

Isn’t it exhilarating to watch someone new make such a good impression in such a short time? After all, being lovers of art and entertainment, yes we do.

As entertainment enthusiasts, you all are always intrigued by the news of any upcoming artist in the Punjabi entertainment industry. Though there is no dearth of talent around, exceptional talents with unmatched professionalism sometimes become scarce. As art knows no limitations, we as lovers of it always seek someone to take the already acclaimed industry to its true potential.

One such face that has been garnering attention lately is the famous Punjabi Model & actress Jessica Chaudhary. Going by the words of her favorite actor Diljit’s song, she is truly “Born to Shine”. A US citizen but connected well to her deep cultural roots, Jessica is already on the receiving end of audience love and appreciation through her recent projects.

Her latest single Jhanjra is already making people of all ages groove to the irresistible tune of the song. Moreover, understanding her true potential she also has her own music company under the label “ New Time Records”. With this, she envisions ushering in new and better opportunities for the whole industry by providing an international platform for creators.

Her background has been quite vivid experiencing a lot of cultural diversity which she proudly infuses into her work. She was born in Italy and was raised in Atlanta, USA. Despite such exposure, she has deep knowledge and understanding of her primal Punjabi culture. In her view, this experience helps her in bringing new aspects to the entertainment industry which had hitherto been unknown.

Starting at a young age she has been a renowned model, with her popularity reaching across different spectrums. Jessica already has 113k followers on Instagram with the numbers increasing every day as people realize her flair and talent.

Moving ahead to explore new opportunities in the Punjabi entertainment industry, she has been working in collaboration with different renowned artists in the industry. She has successfully hosted various events with prominent personalities around the globe including Gurnam Bhullar, Guru Randhawa & Miss Universe Harnaz Sandhu.

Though we encounter new artists every day, very often we see those who are passionate about their work. Jessica at such a young age has already made a promising start by showing her skills be it in acting, anchoring, and leaping further into founding new voices for artists through her music company.

Apart from her work schedule, this young actress and entrepreneur believes in good deeds for humanity and leaves no chance to serve the community through her active volunteering for various social causes. Talking about her interest apart from her love for acting, Jessica loves dancing and exploring new places as an ardent traveler.

It would be right to say that we have got a new gem for our Punjabi Entertainment industry and Jessica’s recent works are evidence of that. Making an exemplary debut in the songs, she is currently focussing on making the next big leap by showcasing her acting skills in feature films and leveraging her music platform for creating more sensational music pieces.

Hopefully soon, we will be seeing Jessica creating wonders on-screen. A delightful face spreading the charm all over the audience, we hope she brings into new realms for our Punjabi entertainment industry.