Jessica Chaudhary on the social front- Donations for children in Pathankot

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”- John Bunyan

Indeed we live in a world, where we crave more. Deprived of thought, that what many others don’t get has already been part of our lives, we are materialistic beings.

On the other side, the world sets examples too of people who rise above with love for humanity. It is always a cherishable moment to serve people deprived of basic needs bringing hope in the darkness. This writing piece will help you to know the other side of Jessica Chaudhary – who is an ardent believer in humanity, serving through various means and helping the needy.

Being a regular volunteer for uplifting the poor and marginalized through different means, Jessica Chaudhary visited an Anganwadi institution in Pathankot this weekend. We got a chance to have a quick word with her so without further ado here’s a recap of the conversion.

  1. How important is social service in your life?

Jessica- To say simply, it’s an indistinguishable part of my life. I have been born and brought up in an environment that is inclusive and believes in helping others without expectations. Every time I do such work, I feel inner peace knowing I have provided a little part of what I could.

2.Are you associated with any charity institutions or do you just randomly choose a cause to support?

Jessica- Looking around, we have endless opportunities to serve people in numerous different ways. Even with such big GDP numbers, we have still a population that sleeps hungry and don’t have the resources to fulfill basic needs. I volunteer for different causes, many of which are long-term and other issues that require urgent attention.

3. How was your interaction with the Aanganwadi kids?

Jessica- I always feel so much positive energy around kids. Even though deprived of basics, these children are very passionate and enthusiastic about life. It is kind of inspirational in its way as it motivates you to push yourself and at any given chance spread more happiness by helping others uplift.

4. Do you have any other decided plans to continue making such efforts?

Jessica- Though from time to time I volunteer for social work, it isn’t always planned. Whenever I get time and opportunity, I try to utilize my time to help in creating an inclusive and prosperous society.