Looking forward into the Future- Discussing Future Goals with Jessica Chaudhary

Rarely do we come across personalities that exemplify true examples of hard work and passion toward their goals. Seeing such aspiring personalities across any industry creates an aspiration among all to go as big as we can.

When it comes to the Entertainment industry, finding such dedicated art personalities who have hitherto no connections and still make it big in the industry is seldom. Such artists truly live up to their “Hero/Heroine” tag by overcoming the odds and making their significant name in the industry.

One such artist we came across and had the chance to interview for a short time is Jessica Chaudhary. Needing no introduction, the young and passionate Jessica Chaudhary has already achieved many accolades in the industry. Not only has she featured in music videos with renowned artists, but she has also shared the stage with many prominent personalities including Babbu Maan, and Miss Universe Harnaz Sandhu.

Question– Now you are getting recognized, what opportunities are you seeking as an artist?

Jessica– I have always been open to new challenges and opportunities in the same field as it gives you the chance of learning something new and providing your audience and fans. Being a model, an actress, and an entrepreneur, I am looking to successfully establish myself by working with renowned brands and artists.

Question– Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

Jessica– I believe no one can surely predict the future and all one can do is make dedicated efforts to achieve their goals. I seek to establish myself in parallel with other great artists in the Punjabi Entertainment Industry by working with acclaimed directors in regional cinema. As a model too, I have quite bigger aspirations as in the coming years I am looking forward to working with worldwide renowned brands and designers.

Since the hustle never ends and multitasking isn’t easy, being a producer I feel like having the responsibility of providing unique content to the audience. In the next few years, I am aiming to facilitate a platform through my Music production Label “NewTime Records” for artists across different industries through music and video collaborations.

Question– Any message you want to convey to your fans?

Jessica– Yes, my fans are the biggest support and source of my motivation too. First of all, I am thankful enough for showering your praise and love for my work. I am gonna surely make you proud with my upcoming projects. Your support means a lot and I am looking forward to more regular interactions across social media platforms with all of you.

Wrapping Up

It would be interesting to see such a young, dynamic and talented actress reach her true potential and make a significant name among the global audience. Jessica shows no signs of slowing down and has been passionately working towards her dreams to realize. Being ardent fans, it would be exciting to see Jessica bringing new realms of creativity and create