OK REPORT: A refreshing song with a unique approach

Genre: Punjabi Pop

Label: New Time Records

Finding the right words to explain an art piece is always difficult, but what if it brings a new paradigm?

Writing about this review, I am inherently excited to express my feelings about watching something refreshing. Ok Report, the latest single under the label New Times record is already a hit sensation among the youth.

When it comes to evaluating the song’s impression, numerous influencing factors play a decisive role in defining its acceptability among peers. Discarding the conventional tone, the song is proving to be a game-changer in many aspects.


Jessica Chaudhary has to be given credit for ensuring both on and off camera, that Ok report touches the heart of millions of Punjabi natives both on the mainland and overseas. The song is set in the background of college days, giving us a dose of nostalgia for our college days.

Everything from student elections, to gedi-shedi, creates the whole authentic vibe with music equally complimenting the video. On camera, Jessica Chaudhary is playing the role of a college’s “Sohni Mutiyaar” slaying with her looks in each frame. She is seen romancing the young model, actor Amardeep Phogat and their chemistry make it a visual treat for the audience.

Director Arsh Wander also deserves the credit for setting and amplifying the song’s aura. An experimental but highly appealing retro dance moves perfectly blended into the modern environment give you an overwhelming feeling of reverence.

Talking about the song’s production, it has been produced under New Label Records which is owned by Jessica Chaudhary. Playing her role effectively off-camera too, she has ensured that the Okay Report music video sets the new benchmark for the industry. Even during conversations regarding her vision for her music production company, she emphasizes bringing fresh perspectives and new ideas that will provide a magical experience to the audience.

To conclude about the Okay Report song, it would be right to say that it puts you in awe with the first scene itself. Both the background singers Gurlej Akhtar and Jagg Sidhu have created an ambiance you wouldn’t want to get out of. A truly upbeat and dulcet song, this song deserves to be in your playlist.