One step at a time- In conversation with talented and aspirational Jessica Chaudhary about her current goals

What lies ahead in the future is always unknown, all we can do is make consistent efforts in the present.

The statement above is true in every sense and can be applied to different fields of life. We as human beings will always be uncertain about our next step or moment. On the other hand, most of us will also agree with the statement that our present actions somehow shape our future.

You might be wondering what the above statement has to do with this writing piece. Well, getting a chance again to interact with the young and talented Jessica Chaudhary, we explored her enthusiasm and energy that is surely gonna help her in attaining her future goals.

  1. You have expressed your love for the Punjabi entertainment industry numerous times, how do you plan to make a significant mark in the industry?

Jessica- Dreams are just dreams until not worked on. I believe my every action will reflect in some or another way in the future. Understanding that learning never ends, I am working wholeheartedly in excelling my acting craft. Not just this, as a producer I am always looking for fresh ideas to work on that could leave an everlasting impression on the audience.

2. Have you strategized the future plans, or have you been given space for learning things as they come during the journey?

Jessica- To this, I believe even if you have a sure-shot plan for everything in place, at a lot of moments things might get quite different where you need to adapt to the changing dynamics. Finding something in between that keeps you ready for the expected and both unexpected moments is the real deal.

3. Being a producer and actor, do you try to focus on one element over the other at times?

Jessica- I should say that it might have been a problem if these two streams would have been completely different. As I have discussed earlier too, both being a producer and actor gives me a better opportunity to showcase my talent with a window for the experiment. Knowing that audience taste is evolving, I have been working on many projects that embed trends with creativity to create a wholesome experience that would be widely acceptable.


Passion and persistence have been determinant factors of anybody’s success. Jessica following this mantra has been already making impressions that seem to be only amplifying in the near future. We wish her all the best to make a truly remarkable impact in the Punjabi entertainment industry which she deserves for being passionately committed to her work.