Talk of the town-In conversation with young talented Jessica Chaudhary

It is indeed a true sayin- that success finds its way if you are persistent with your efforts. Especially, establishing your mark in an industry full of exceptional performers is not an easy thing to achieve.

But indeed, few extraordinary people carve their way out through their sheer efforts. We are talking about none other than the new Punjabi entertainment industry sensation Jessica Chaudhary.

We got the chance to interact with the young actress and entrepreneur to know about her ideas, process, and story.

When did you decide to step into the Punjabi entertainment industry?

Jessica- Even though born and brought up in foreign land, I have always deep connected roots with my homeland Punjab. I was always inclined towards art since childhood and have always been fond of Punjabi films and songs. So, it was always kind of a dream to step into and do something really good for the industry and the audience.

You have also turned producer with New Time Records, what is the idea behind that?

With this venture, I see the opportunity of providing a new wide platform for budding artists across the globe enabling more effective collaboration. I always try to provide something unique to the Punjabi audience with my New Time Records productions which would otherwise be restricted.

Isn’t it tiresome to manage this much workload at this young age, like being an actor and producer both”?

Well, there’s a saying that work doesn’t seem like work if you love it. The same goes for me. Since both things are oriented toward my passion and love for the Punjabi entertainment industry, I am happy being occupied. Instead, I am always excited about working on different projects since it gives me the chance to create better art for the industry.

How do you spend your time when you are not working?

As I am working on different projects currently both as an actor and producer, I don’t get much time for leisure. But whenever I do, I like to spend it traveling to different places, getting to know new people, and learning about different cultures.

Bounded by time, this was all for this writing piece about interaction with Jessica. Her enthusiasm and love for acting during this interaction could be felt right away. I am already excited about what she is gonna bring to the Punjabi entertainment industry and surely that’s gonna be something wonderful.

Signing off.