The ever evolving craftsmanship of the young, talented and dynamic personality – Jessica Chaudhary

“A work of art which isn’t based on feeling isn’t art at all.”- Paul Cézanne

The quotes above of the famous french artist are nothing less than a universal truth applicable in all of our lives. Being true to your passion is the only way to actually live a life.

You might be wondering what this quote and description have to do with this writing piece. Well, we had the chance to interact with none other than gorgeous and talented Jessica Chaudhary and this quote is what she adheres to.

  1. What is your work process being an actor, and producer?

Jessica- It’s quite difficult to answer when both these fields are asked at once. But I would say that being a hard worker, I always strive for the best possible outtakes. I believe persistent efforts can bring great results. So I always continue trying beyond limits by expanding my knowledge.

2.  Seeing your recent works, you have always made an impression. How do you do that?

Jessica- Acting is love for me. Since childhood, I have been fond of the Punjabi entertainment industry and have grown up watching it. My native roots are there, and so I have this passion that always pushes me to do better. I also believe in playing true to the character regardless of what comes your way. I try to get as much as I can into the background story of the character to understand his reasons and ways of doing things.

3.  What kind of roles do you look forward to?

Jessica- Though I am just getting started I am trying to explore vivid characters to play. I like new challenges coming my way and I would like to try different genres like comedy, serious, and romantic. Challenging roles often let you explore your hidden potential and getting such opportunities will be a delight.

5. Is it difficult to pursue acting for you as being occupied as a producer as well?

Jessica- Actually it’s a blessing in disguise. Since both works are related to the Punjabi entertainment industry, I seek it as an opportunity to create and portray myself in much diverse and deep content, that would otherwise get neglected due to financial and other restraints.

6. Who are your biggest artistic influences?

Jessica- There are many talents in the Punjabi Entertainment industry with each bringing some new elements in their own ways. I am a big fan of Diljit Dosanjh. The energy he brings on screen is truly mesmerizing, putting us in awe with each performance. My favorite actress is Sonam Bajwa as I look up to her, the way she carries herself, and the talent she possesses. Definitely, in the near future, I would like to work with them and learn more about the craft.

It’s a wrap!

Summing up the interview, it was indeed a great moment to interact with someone who is passionate about their craft and tries to excel every time. Being a young artist, Jessica Chaudhary has immense potential and surely will play a significant role in setting new benchmarks for the Punjabi Entertainment industry.