The New Shining star of the Punjabi music industry- Jessica Chaudhary

The whole entertainment industry is going through a drastic transformation, thanks to new aspects of creativity and technology. Audiences across the globe are on one side have become more receptive on the other hand they outrightly reject any outdated idea.

The Punjabi entertainment industry being at the forefront of representing India at the global level too is going through this transformation. In this article, we are going to discuss an icon in making who has been part of this movement both behind and in front of the camera.

Yes, we are talking about none other than the rising star of the Punjabi Music industry, Jessica Chaudhary.

Jessica is continuously carving a name out for herself through her sheer dedication and passion for the industry. She has been getting accolades from renowned personalities and organizations for her vision for the Punjabi entertainment industry.

We often get to know the person’s inclination during their early days. With no exception, Jessica has been very fond of the Punjabi culture and the Punjabi music industry at large which amplifies the cultural celebration at a bigger scale.

Starting her career at an early age, Jessica established herself as a successful model and actress. She has worked with various renowned talents in the industry giving the audience some of the famous chartbuster songs including Jhanjra, Sikka Band, Ok Report, and Asla vs Suit.

All the songs have been hit sensations in the Punjabi music industry, giving the recognition Jessica truly deserves. Moreover, delving deep into the creative process Jessica has left no stone unturned to give the audience some of the best songs.

Jessica is a successful Music producer too and has delivered hit sensations through her music production venture, New Time Records. In various interviews, she has highlighted the idea behind this venture. Understanding the creativity gaps and new trends requirement, Jessica envisions providing the best platform for artists in the Punjabi Music industry to showcase their exceptional talent and enable interesting collaborations.


Jessica Chaudhary deserves all praise for her sheer passion for the Punjabi music industry which inspires her to go one step ahead and bring something new to the audience. With this being just a start, it would be for sure a journey to truly watch for and see what new productions Jessica will bring on and take the Punjabi music industry to new heights like never before.